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The Ebola Outbreak and Immigration

As the Ebola virus outbreak continues to spiral out of control in West Africa, solutions and potential relief measures are meager. In fact, lawmakers have used the crisis as a soundboard for their own gripes. Some critics have alleged that opposition to the immigration reform bill, which was passed last year by the Senate, is… Read More

Law Professors Wrote President Obama about his Legal Authority to Act on Immigration

Millions of undocumented immigrants have been waiting for immigration reform executive action from the Obama Administration. On September 3, 2014 136 law professors from across the United States, many of which are experts in prosecutorial discretion,  wrote a letter to President Obama stating that the “administration has the legal authority to use prosecutorial discretion as a tool… Read More

How Next Immigration Reform Move Will Affect Businesses

President Barack Obama has said he will take executive action on immigration in August. He has been receiving advice from the Attorney General and the Homeland Security secretary regarding the legal extent of an executive order pertaining to immigration, and he has been speaking with advocacy groups about their concerns. The impending action has business owners… Read More

Business Tycoons Urge Congress to Overcome Immigration Impasse

Sheldon G. Adelson, Warren E. Buffett and Bill Gates sent a message to Congress in a collaboratively drafted opinion letter published in the New York Times on July 11, 2014. The three urged Washington to come together to establish cohesive and comprehensive immigration reform. Their call comes at a time when the House appears to… Read More