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Click to download your copy (PDF)

The Los Angeles-based EB-5 Green Card & Business Immigration attorney Mark Ivener is a prolific immigration law author.

Books by Mark A. Ivener

His books on immigration topics include:

  • Handbook of Immigration Law,
  • Doing Business in the USA under Free Trade
  • Get the Right Visa
  • A Complete Guide to Getting an American Visa (in Japanese)
  • Have You Thought about Immigrating to the U.S.? (in Spanish)

Download “The Handbook of Immigration Law,” (PDF eBook).

Articles & Publications

Mr. Ivener writes frequently on Visas and EB-5 investment immigration topics. Representative articles by Mr. Ivener include:

    • “International Investors & California: EB-5 Visas/California Taxes”, Mark Ivener & Gary Wolfe, California CEO Business News & Information, May 11, 2016.
    • “EB-5 Investor Green Cards”, Mark Ivener, Partner, Sam Ngo, Immigration Attorney, Mark Ivener and Gary Wolfe, International Tax Lawyer, The Wolfe Law Group, Los Angeles, USA, Offshore Investment Magazine, November 2014.
    • “EB-5 Investor Visa and U.S. Tax Issues”, Mark Ivener & Gary S. Wolfe, Article—The Practical Tax Lawyer, Fall 2013
    • “M&A and Immigration” – An article by Mark Ivener discussing how deals can affect key workers’ visa status and how immigration compliance remains an often overlooked aspect of M&A due diligence. (Acquisition International, August 2012)
    • “International Corporate Immigration Review” – Published in InterContinental Finance, September 2010.
    • “Lawyer, Know Thyself: Fundamental Tips for Building a Strong Brand and a Strong Practice” – Published in Law|Practice (Sept/Oct, 2010)
    • “Fast Track Green Cards Through Investment” – An article by Mr. Mark Ivener published in Immigrant Magazine in February 2009.
    • “Perm Labor Certification,” with David Fullmer, The Immigrant Magazine, July/August, 2008.
    • “Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability,” The Immigrant Magazine, May/June, 2008.
    • “J-1 Visas for Interns and Trainees,” The Immigrant Magazine, March/April, 2008.
    • “Fast Track Green Cards through Investment,” The Immigrant Magazine, January/February, 2008.
    • “Immigration to the U.S.: Tax Planning and Fast Track [EB-5]Permanent Residency,” with co-author Stephen A. Malley, The California International Law Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2007.
    • “M&A And Immigration: Deals Can Affect Key Workers’ Visa Status, Yet Immigration Compliance Remains An Often Overlooked Aspect Of M&A Due Diligence,” Immigration Daily, 7/27/2006
    • “Scrutinize Contractor Hires To Avoid Wal-Mart Problem,” Immigration Daily, 7/6/2006
    • “Stopped at the Border: Anticipating Roadblocks in the Work Visa Application Process Can Help Ensure Safe Passage,” HR Magazine, June 2006.
    • “Green Cards Through Investment Typically In Less Than A Year,” Immigration Daily, 3/9/2006
    • “U.S. Investor Green Cards in Less than a Year,” Citywealth, January 28, 2006.
    • “Complete Immigration Review Avoids Unwelcome Surprises,” Los Angeles Daily Journal, October 2005.
    • “The Proactive Approach” – An article by Mark Ivener about how retailers can take a cue from Wal-Mart’s immigrant labor legal troubles. (Progressive Grocer, Ahead of What’s Next, September 15, 2005)
    • “M&A and Immigration” – An article by Mark Ivener published in The Deal discussing how deals can affect key workers’ visa status and how immigration compliance remains an often overlooked aspect of M&A due diligence. (The Deal, Sept 5, 2005)