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Attorneys’ Views About Mark A. Ivener, Esq.

“Mark Ivener is one of the nation’s top business lawyers, and has a particular expertise in EB-5 matters. He is thoughtful and careful in his approach to cases, and I have always appreciated his professionalism.”

Margaret F.

“Here’s an attorney with business acumen that leaves me in awe. Mark Ivener is an excellent immigration lawyer, especially in the area of entrepreneurial investors. I highly recommend him!”

Linda R.

“Mark Ivener is skilled in all areas of business immigration law. He is one of the country’s leading experts in investor visas. Anyone considering an investor green card should consult with an immigration lawyer, such as Mark, with deep experience in this area.”

Ester G.

“Mark is a brilliant, talented, caring and compassionate lawyers, able to masterfully win the most complex of immigration matters. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of the best of the best.”

Jan P.

“Mark is an exceptional lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and I know that clients are safe in his hands.”

Tarik S.

“Mark Ivener is a brilliant lawyer. He has writen a number of books. He is a leading authority on EB-5 investor green cards and business visas. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He has many years of experience and can be relied upon.”

Martin L.

“I endorse this lawyer. Mark’s expertise in immigration related entertainment matters, E visas, and immigrant investors is second to none – he wrote the book! Generous with colleagues. Thorough and professional.”

Jay S.