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USCIS Announces New Web Site Design

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) says its redesigned Web site, in English and Spanish, is more customer-centric, providing users with a “one-stop shop” for immigration services and information.

Before the redesign, users described the USCIS Web site as “frustrating” and “hard to navigate.” The new “Where to Start” tool, located on the top left of the homepage, allows for direct navigation to information.

By clicking on the first drop-down menu, users have the opportunity to choose who they are from a number of options. After selecting who they are, clicking on the second drop-down menu allows them to select what they want to do.
USCIS says the “Where to Start” tool will take users to the information they want without having to search the entire site. Applicants for citizenship may also follow the progress of their cases online, and receive notifications via e-mail or text messages when their application status changes.

See also, USCIS Fact Sheet (PDF)

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