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October Visa Bulletin Shows EB-3s Backlogged 7 Years, Several Programs Expiring on September 30

The Department of State’s October 2009 Visa Bulletin shows a cut-off date for employment-based third preference visa numbers of June 1, 2002, for all chargeability areas except for China-mainland born (February 22, 2002); India (April 15, 2001); and Mexico (May 1, 2002).

All chargeability areas are current for EB-2 numbers, except for China-mainland born (March 22, 2005), and India (January 22, 2005). For the third preference “Other Workers” category, all chargeability areas have a cut-off date of June 1, 2001, except for India (April 15, 2001).

Meanwhile, the employment-based fourth preference non-minister special immigrant program and the employment-based fifth preference category were due to expire on September 30, 2009. However, Congress has passed a continuing resolution to continue those programs for 30 days, to the end of October.

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