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Travel May Be Risky While Adjustment Application Is Pending, Recent Case Shows

The Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers warns that traveling outside the U.S. while an adjustment of status application is pending can be risky, even with advance parole. A recent case illustrates this point. While his adjustment application was pending, Nadeem Hassan, a citizen of Pakistan, traveled outside the U.S. to Saudi Arabia. He received an… Read More

USCIS Reminds About ‘Flexibilities’ When Travel Is Delayed Unexpectedly

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently released a statement noting that it realizes that unexpected events in a person’s home country can sometimes affect travel or other plans. Given recent severe weather in the Caribbean, USCIS decided to issue a reminder about available services and agency “flexibilities.” USCIS noted that nonimmigrant tourists and business… Read More