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DHS Proposes Rule To Enhance Opportunities for H-1B1, CW-1, and E-3 Nonimmigrants and EB-1 Immigrants

In another Obama administration effort to attract highly skilled workers, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has proposed updating its regulations to include nonimmigrant high-skilled specialty occupation professionals from Chile and Singapore (H-1B1) and from Australia (E-3) in the list of classes of those authorized for employment incident to status with a specific employer, to… Read More

USCIS Proposes Rule on Registration Requirement for H-1B Petitioners

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed to amend its regulations (PDF) on petitions filed on behalf of H-1B workers subject to annual numerical limitations or exempt from numerical limitations by virtue of having earned a U.S. master’s or higher degree. The rule proposes to require employers seeking to petition for H-1B cap-subject workers to… Read More

DOS Proposes Increase in Passport Fees

The Department of State has proposed an increase in fees (PDF) for passport application services: From $100 to $135 for a first-time U.S. passport book for adults (age 16 and over) From $75 to $110 for passport renewal (age 16 and over only) From $85 to $105 for a passport for minors (under age 16)… Read More

Labor Dept. Issues Proposed Rule on Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2As

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division proposes to amend its regulations governing the certification of temporary employment of nonimmigrant workers in temporary or seasonal agricultural employment and the enforcement of the contractual obligations applicable to employers of such nonimmigrant workers. The proposed rule reexamines the process by which employers obtain a temporary labor… Read More