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Turkey’s new immigration agency, The Migration Directorate, has experienced growing pains. Also, Turkey has declared a state of emergency following recent violent events. New Migration Directorate On April 12, 2014, Law No. 6458, the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, went into effect for the Republic of Turkey. This new law made vast changes to… Read More


REFUGEES AND RELATED BENEFITS: AN OVERVIEW This article provides an overview of recent developments with respect to refugees and the benefits granted to them. Canada In September 2015, a news photograph of a drowned Syrian child sparked a heated debate over refugee rights and Canada’s role to provide refuge. Ever since then, refugee rights have… Read More


Belgium Below is a summary of details on work permit exemptions, related to technical work, for foreign employees in Belgium. In principle, any employment in Belgium of a foreign employee requires a work permit, unless an exemption applies. Several activities are considered business visitors’ activities, which do not trigger a work permit requirement, such as… Read More

CANADA: Immigration News

CANADA Several developments have been announced. Many are being caught unprepared by new primary inspection tools. Beginning in November 2015, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) updated its frontline systems so that CBSA officers working the Primary Inspection Line (PIL) at border crossings now have immediate access to the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database.… Read More

ITALY: Immigration News

ITALY Several developments have been announced. Tax on residence permits declared void. The TAR, Lazio’s Regional Administrative Court, has declared void part of the Ministerial decree of October 6, 2011, introducing a residence permit tax and abolishing the fee on applications. This comes after the European Court of Justice had judged the Italian residence permit… Read More