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Citizenship by Investment: Navigating the country choices for E-2 Visas

Information for investors seeking E-2 visas following the acquisition of treaty country citizenship by investment (“CBI”) is especially relevant in light of the changes in the EB-5 program post-November 20, 2019. This article will highlight country options available for those investors whose country (e.g. China, India, Vietnam, and others) does not have E-2 visa availability,… Read More

U.S. Embassy London Hosts Visa Webchat

The U.S. Embassy in London conducted a webchat on November 26, 2013. Highlights of the webchat include: U.S. government policy is under review regarding “criminal cautions” in the United Kingdom. Applicants having a caution may experience lengthy delays during the application process. These delays will affect applicants with a caution even if they may have… Read More

DS-230 Expires for Certain Applicants, Online Forms Launched

A new DS-260 form has replaced the DS-230 for certain applicants. The DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa Application & Registration, and DS-261, Choice of Address and Agent, are electronic visa application forms completed and submitted online to the Department of State via the Internet through the Consular Electronic Applications Center. The forms may be partially completed,… Read More

U.S. Consulate in Chennai Stops Processing Immigrant Visa Petitions

As of January 1, 2012, the U.S. Consulate General in Chennai, India, is no longer processing immigrant visa petitions. The U.S. embassy in New Delhi and U.S. consulate in Mumbai are now the only acceptance centers in India for immigrant visa applications. Applicants currently in the process of petitioning for an immigrant visa may e-mail… Read More

New Mumbai U.S. Consulate To Open Later in 2011; H and L Interviews Limited in Meantime

A new U.S. Consulate is being constructed for Mumbai, scheduled to open later in 2011. No new H and L appointments are being made at the current Mumbai Consulate, which has limited interview capabilities due to aging infrastructure. New H and L interviews may be scheduled at other U.S. Consulates in India or at the… Read More