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Talent Pool Increasingly Global: EU Blue Cards Proposed, Migrant Policy Web Site Launched

Will the European Union (EU) and other countries’ aggressive recruitment strategies leave the U.S. behind in the dust? Robert Hoffman of Oracle warned that could be the case if the U.S. continues down its current discouraging path. With the proposed EU “blue card” for highly skilled workers looming on the horizon, Mr. Hoffman noted in… Read More

Immigration to the U.S. Tax Planning and Fast Track Permanent Residency

Immigration to the U.S. is a challenging task, especially with the restrictions imposed after 9/11. The first section of this article discusses pre-immigration tax planning opportunities, and the second section describes the availability of fast track immigration and Green Card status. To read more of this article, please click here to download the PDF entitled,… Read More

Complete Immigration Review Avoids Unwelcome Surprises

No big merger would ever be consummated without a comprehensive due diligence analysis. Yet while prudent deal makers will always conduct a thorough financial analysis of a prospective merger partner, an issue that has become critical in today’s global economy often gets little pre-merger consideration: immigration compliance. The lack of adequate immigration due diligence can… Read More

Scrutinize Contractor Hires To Avoid Wal-mart Problem

Most American employers are quite familiar with the first provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which specifically prohibits the hiring, recruitment or referral of an alien not authorized to legally work in the United States. A much lesser-known provision, provision four, outlining the use of labor through contractors, subcontractors or exchanges… Read More

[Employment Law] Stopped at the Boarder: Anticipating roadblocks in the work visa application process can help ensure safe passage

Today’s global business environment makes it necessary for most companies to know their way around the work visa application process. That’s especially true since the service and benefit functions of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service became part of the Department of Homeland Security as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) after the events… Read More