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Immigration History & Admissibility

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Has anyone ever filed an immigrant visa petition on your behalf?
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Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty or other similar legal action? Have you ever unlawfully distributed or sold a controlled substance (drug), or been a prostitute or procurer for prostitutes?
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Have you ever been refused admission to the U.S. or been the subject of a deportation hearing, or sought to obtain or assist others to obtain a visa, entry into the U.S. or any other U.S. immigration benefit by fraud or willful misrepresentation or other unlawful means? Have you attended a U.S. public elementary school on student (F) status or a public secondary school after November 30, 1996, without reimbursing the school?
 Yes  No
Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversion or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose? Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization as currently designated by the U.S. Secretary of State? Have you ever participated in persecutions directed by the Nazi government of Germany; or have you ever participated in genocide?
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Have you ever been employed without USCIS/INS authorization?
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Have you ever violated the terms of a U.S. visa, or been unlawfully present in, or deported from, the United States?
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Have you ever been arrested for Drunk Driving or any other alcohol related offense?
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Have you ever withheld custody of a U.S. citizen child outside the United States from a person granted legal custody by a U.S. court, voted in the United States in violation of any law or regulation, or renounced U.S. citizenship for the purpose of avoiding taxation?
 Yes  No
Have you ever been afflicted with a communicable disease of public health significance or a dangerous physical mental disorder, or ever been a drug abuser or addict?
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Do you have any specialized skills or training, including firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological or chemical experience?
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Family & Dependents

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  In USA Green Card Citizen Other Status Residence

Consultation Request

Please explain your current immigration need.

Educational History

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Employment History & Experience

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