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OFLC Publishes Names, Other Info on Foreign Labor Recruiters

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) is publishing a list of the names of foreign labor recruiters and the identity and location of persons or entities hired by or working for the recruiter that employers have indicated they engaged, or planned to engage, in recruiting prospective H-2B nonagricultural workers to perform the work described on their Form ETA-9142B, H-2B Application for Temporary Employment Certification. 

By providing this Foreign Labor Recruiter List, OFLC said the agency “is providing a greater level of transparency to the H-2B worker recruitment process and facilitating information sharing between the Department and other agencies and the public.” Among other things, by maintaining and publishing a list of foreign labor recruiters, OFLC said it “is better poised to enforce recruitment violations, and workers are better protected against fraudulent recruiting schemes by enabling them to verify whether a recruiter is in fact recruiting for legitimate H-2B job opportunities in the United States.” OFLC noted that it “does not endorse or vouch for any foreign labor agent or recruiter” on the list, and inclusion does not signify that the recruiter is complying with the H-2B program. “The list is simply a list of current recruiters being used by employers in the H-2B program,” OFLC said. 

OFLC noted that the list identifies the last six digits of the Chicago National Processing Center case number associated with the Form(s) ETA-9142B in which an employer identified the foreign labor recruiter. The six-digit number can be used to look up the H-2B Job Order and Application for Temporary Employment Certification in the H-2B Public Job Registry located at by entering the number into the ETA Case Number field, selecting “H-2B” in the Case Type field, and clicking on “Search.” 

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