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Updates: BELGIUM


Belgium sets new 2016 salary thresholds for some fast track work permits B and the Blue Card.

1. One of the requirements for some Belgian fast track work permits B, as well as for the Blue Card, is a salary threshold. The annual gross remuneration must meet the threshold amount, which is adjusted on a yearly basis.

2. Work permits are processed by the Belgian Regions: Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia.

3. The new salary thresholds effective January 1, 2016, are:

  • For highly skilled work permits: €39,824 for all three Regions (€39,802 for 2015);
  • For executive level work permits: 66,442 € for Flanders (€66,406 for 2015) and Wallonia (66,405 € for 2015), and 66,441 € for Brussels (€66,405 for 2015);
  • For Blue Cards: €51,494 for Brussels (€51,466 for 2015), and probably €51,494 for Flanders and Wallonia (€51,465 for 2015).

4. The Ministries will only issue a fast track work permit B or Blue Card if it is clear that the employee’s salary will meet the threshold amount. The Ministries will only take into account amounts that will definitely be paid. Discretionary bonuses and COLA (Cost Of Living Allowances) cannot be taken into account when processing work permit applications. Some benefits in kind may qualify, depending on the specific facts.

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