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DHS Considering “Known Employer” Program to Aid U.S.-Canada Business Travel

In February of 2011, President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada announced a United States-Canada joint declaration called Beyond the Border. This program sets out a shared approach to enhance border security and accelerate the legitimate flow of goods and services between the two countries.

As part of Beyond the Border, the Department of Homeland Security is considering a “Known Employer” pilot program to streamline adjudication of certain types of employment-based immigration requests filed by eligible U.S. employers, with the goal of aiding U.S.-Canada business travel.

The Department of Homeland Security expects to implement the pilot by late 2015 to test a program designed to make adjudications more efficient and less costly, while reducing paperwork and delays for both the government and U.S. employers who seek to employ Canadian workers.

The United States and Canada share the largest bi-lateral trade and investment partnership in the world; as each other’s largest trading partners, the governments of each country recognize the importance of expedited and secure cross-border travel to creating jobs and supporting economic competitiveness. The goal of the program is to further facilitate legitimate business travel along the U.S.-Canada border by accelerating lawful trade and commerce between the two countries.

Additional information about the “Known Employer” pilot program will be provided in the coming months. For updates please visit

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