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U.S. Consulate in Osaka-Kobe Stops E-1/E-2 Nonimmigrant Visa Appointments for Summer

The U.S. consulate in Osaka-Kobe has announced that it has temporarily stopped accepting E-1/E-2 nonimmigrant visa appointments through August. During this time frame, E visa applicants, including dependents over the age of 14, must interview at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo or the U.S. consulate in Fukuoka instead. The Osaka-Kobe consulate will continue to process drop-box/mail-in renewal cases as usual. Individuals can also send minor dependent (under the age of 14) cases under the usual mail-in (no-interview) procedures. Companies who are registering for the first time as E visa companies with Osaka may submit their paperwork as usual. The consulate in Osaka-Kobe will contact first-time applicants on an individual basis to set up appointments as needed. The consulate says 10-12 weeks are needed for the processing of these cases. Beginning on September 1, the consulate will resume processing all E applications as usual.

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