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DOL Revises H-2A and H-2B Forms

The Department of Labor has revised the ETA Form 9142, Appendix B.1 and associated instructions, in connection with the H-2B 2012 final rule.

Employers filing H-2B applications under the 2012 final rule are supposed to use the revised ETA Form 9142 and Appendix B.1 starting with applications postmarked on or after April 27, 2012, the Department said in an announcement. Given the federal court injunction mentioned in the prior article, however, it is unclear whether the new forms should be used after April 27. 

The current ETA 9142 expired at the end of April. Therefore, all H-2A applications postmarked after April 30, 2012, must be submitted using the revised form. Appendix A.2 (H-2A only) remains unaffected and employers may continue to use it. 

Click here to view the new forms.

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