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Labor Dept. Current on PERM, H-1B Prevailing Wage Determinations

The Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification recently announced that PERM and H-1B prevailing wage determinations are now current. H-2B prevailing wage determinations are expected to become current imminently. The Department explained that “current” has a different meaning depending on the program. In the PERM and H-1B programs, a prevailing wage determination is considered current when it is issued within 60 days of submission. For H-2B prevailing wage determinations, “current” is within 30 days of submission. The PERM program became current the week of October 23, 2011, and the H-1B program became current the week of November 6, 2011.

The Department noted that the dates may be subject to change based on unanticipated actions, such as any additional judicial determinations or legislative actions. The agency added that appeals are being processed as resources allow, with priority placed on becoming current on initial prevailing wage determination requests.

The notice is available under “November 17, 2011“.

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