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DHS Issues Interim Final Rule on Guam-Northern Marianas VWP

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an interim final rule on March 23, 2011, that clarifies the countries and geographic areas eligible for participation in the Guam-Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Visa Waiver Program.

The rule notes that effective May 23, 2011, individuals holding British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) passports as a result of their connection to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are eligible for participation in the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program. The program allows certain nonimmigrant aliens to enter Guam and/or the CNMI as nonimmigrant visitors for business or pleasure without a visa for a period of authorized stay up to 45 days. This interim final rule provides that individuals holding BN(O) passports as a result of their connection to Hong Kong and traveling to Guam and/or the CNMI under the program on such BN(O) passport must present it and a Hong Kong identification card.

Comments may be sent by May 23 to the person named in the interim final rule, which is available at

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