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FY 2011 Visa Numbers Available on October 1, 2010; DOS Updates China Reciprocity Schedule

The Department of State sent a memorandum to USCIS on September 15, 2010, noting that effective September 16, there would be no further authorizations of visa numbers for any family preference category, or for employment second, third, third “other workers,” fourth, and fourth “certain religious worker” cases for the remainder of fiscal year (FY) 2010. Numbers once again are available for all of these categories as of October 1, 2010, under the FY 2011 annual numerical limitation. The memo stated that USCIS could continue to process the cases received and that they would be held in the Visa Office’s “Pending Demand” file. “All eligible pending demand cases will be automatically authorized based on the FY-2011 cut-off dates which are announced.”

Also, the Department amended its visa reciprocity schedule for China to allow for 12-month multiple-entry visas for H visa applicants instead of the previous 3-month, 2-entry visa. The updated reciprocity schedule and guide for China is available online.

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