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USCIS Releases TPS Application Tips

On U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ new blog, The Beacon, the agency has provided information and tips about common mistakes in temporary protected status (TPS) applications. Specifically, USCIS said, it has received thousands of applications since the designation of Haiti for TPS, and has noticed the following problems that may cause delays or rejections:

  1. Not including the appropriate filing fee. Those who cannot afford to pay the filling fee may request a fee waiver.
  2. Not completing every question on the form.
  3. Not including the applicant’s A-number (if he or she has one).
  4. Not signing the application.
  5. Using an incorrect form to apply for TPS. Use only forms I-821 and I-765 to apply for TPS.

The tips were provided on March 5, 2010, at

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