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SSA Fails To Verify 19 Percent of New Hires

In a recent 18-month period, the Social Security Administration (SSA) failed to verify the Social Security Numbers of 19 percent, or 1,767 of 9,311 new SSA employees, as required. In other cases examined by the SSA’s Office of the Inspector General, the SSA improperly E-Verified volunteers who should not have been screened under federal guidelines, and inappropriately screened some candidates in advance of hire.

SSA agreed with the Inspector General’s recommendations (PDF), including verifying the 1,767 workers and issuing guidance to remind staff to: (1) verify all new hires, (2) conduct verification queries within three business days after a new employee has reported for duty and both sections of the I-9 employment eligibility verification form have been completed, and (3) prohibit the verification of existing SSA employees, job candidates, and volunteers.

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