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Self-Check Verification In the Works, USCIS Head Says; ‘Verification Initiative for Business Enterprise’ Discussed

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas announced at a press conference on December 10, 2009, that the agency plans to incorporate a self-check option in the E-Verify system some time in 2010. The capability is intended to allow workers to verify their employment authorization before applying for a job. Eight days are allowed currently to address a “tentative nonconfirmation”; Mr. Mayorkas said the new capability will give workers time to correct any errors before they apply for a job, without having to meet an eight-day deadline.

Mr. Mayorkas also noted that the Verification Initiative for Business Enterprise (VIBE) Web-based program is expected to be launched in spring 2010. In a letter sent to Sen. Charles Grassley on November 10, 2009, outlining the VIBE program and discussing other issues, Mr. Mayorkas said that VIBE will use “commercially available data from [Dunn and Bradstreet] to validate and verify information submitted by organizations that petition to employ alien worker.” Mr. Mayorkas said his agency believes VIBE “will provide adjudicators with a tool to accurately verify the financial viability and current level of business operations for employment-based petitions.

Others aren’t so sure that this program gives off such a good vibe. For a commentary, see this link.

Mr. Mayorkas’ letter to Sen. Grassley is available as a PDF.

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