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October Visa Bulletin Shows EB-3s Backlogged 7 Years, Several Programs Expiring on September 30

The Department of State’s October 2009 Visa Bulletin shows a cut-off date for employment-based third preference visa numbers of June 1, 2002, for all chargeability areas except for China-mainland born (February 22, 2002); India (April 15, 2001); Mexico (May 1, 2002); and Philippines (June 1, 2002).

All chargeability areas are current for EB-2 numbers, except for China-mainland born (March 22, 2005), and India (January 22, 2005). For the third preference “Other Workers” category, all chargeability areas have a cut-off date of June 1, 2001, except for India (April 15, 2001).

Meanwhile, the non-minister special immigrant program expires on September 30, 2009. No SR-1, SR-2, or SR-3 visas may be issued overseas on or after September 30, 2009. Visas issued before that date will only be issued with a validity date of September 30, 2009, and all individuals seeking admission as a non-minister special immigrant must be admitted into the U.S. no later than midnight September 30, 2009.

Also, the employment fifth preference (I5, R5) immigrant investor pilot program has been extended through September 30, 2009. I5 and R5 visas may be issued until the close of business on September 30, 2009, and may be issued for the full validity period. No I5-1, I5-2, I5-3, R5-1, R5-2, or R5-3 visas may be issued after September 30, 2009.

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