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New Forms Required for H-2A and H-2B Programs

In conjunction with regulations that went into effect in January 2009 for the H-2A (PDF) and H-2B (PDF) programs, the Department of Labor has created new forms to collect the necessary information from employers applying for labor certifications. Employers must begin using Form ETA-9142. In addition, for the H-2A program, employers must fill out and submit Appendix A.1 and Appendix A.2. For the H-2B program, employers must fill out and submit Appendix B.1. For instructions on how to complete the form and appendices, download this PDF.

The H-2B final rule (PDF) requires the use of the new ETA-9141 for prevailing wage determinations. However, the use of this form will only begin after the transition period outlined in the rule is completed. Therefore, the DOL said that the ETA-9141 will be posted toward the end of the transition period.

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