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SEVIS Fees Increasing October 27, ICE Clarifies Procedures

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement published a final rule effective October 27, 2008, that increases the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) school certification petition fees and the application fees for nonimmigrants seeking to become academic (F visa) or vocational (M visa) students, or exchange visitors (J visa).

The rule sets the following fees: $1,700 for a school certification petition and $655 for each site visit for certification, and $200 for each F or M student. The rule also sets a $180 fee for most J exchange visitors; however, the $35 fee for each J exchange visitor seeking admission as an au pair, camp counselor, or summer work/travel program participant will remain the same.

The rule also establishes procedures for the oversight and recertification of schools attended by F and/or M students, establishes procedures for schools to submit recertification petitions, adds a provision allowing a school to voluntarily withdraw from its certification, and clarifies procedures for school operation with regard to F and M students during recertification and following a denial of recertification or a withdrawal of certification.

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