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USCIS Extends Validity of EADs for Refugees

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced that it is extending the validity of initial Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) for refugees to two years after arrival in the United States. Previous policy required renewal of the EAD after one year, except in certain adjustment cases that were expected to remain pending for more than one year.

USCIS said the new policy will reduce the financial burden on refugees by eliminating the need for many refugees to apply for renewal of work authorization documents before they are able to adjust status to permanent residence. There is no fee for the initial application for a refugee EAD, but applicants incur a $340 fee for renewals.

USCIS estimated that a refugee would request, at minimum, one EAD renewal before adjustment of status if the EAD validity period were not extended to two years.

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