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TPS Extended for Nicaraguans, Hondurans

During the past year, the Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and State have continued to review conditions in Nicaragua. They have concluded that an 18-month extension of temporary protected status (TPS), from July 5, 2007, to January 5, 2009, is warranted because there continues to be a substantial, but temporary, disruption of living conditions in Nicaragua resulting from Hurricane Mitch. Although significant progress has been made, Nicaragua remains unable, temporarily, to adequately handle the return of its nationals, as required for TPS designations based on environmental disasters.

DHS has also automatically extended the validity of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) for eligible Hondurans and Nicaraguans for six months, through January 5, 2008. This extension is intended to allow sufficient time for eligible TPS beneficiaries to apply for and receive a new EAD without any lapse in employment authorization.

All TPS beneficiaries must comply with the re-registration requirements in order to maintain TPS benefits through January 5, 2009. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services noted that information about the re-registration period for Salvadorans “will be forthcoming. Re-registration applications from nationals of El Salvador will not be accepted at this time.”

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