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USCIS Releases TPS Details for Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador

On January 26, 2007, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it has received approximately 80,000 temporary protected status (TPS) applications from nationals of Honduras and Nicaragua, and approved nearly 70,000 of those cases. USCIS has received approximately 236,000 TPS applications from nationals of El Salvador and has approved nearly 196,000. Approved individuals should have already received, or will be receiving, an approval notice and notice of appointment to report to an Application Support Center for issuance of an extension sticker to extend their Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) through July 2007, or a new EAD “very shortly.” Those who have been denied have either already received their denial notices or will be receiving them shortly.

USCIS noted that re-registrants who have already had their biometrics appointment but are still awaiting a final decision on their application will either receive an interim card valid through July 2007, for Hondurans and Nicaraguans, or through September 2007, for Salvadorans, or have a hold on their case because of “some as yet unresolved issue.” Cases on hold should have received, or will be receiving, written notification from USCIS regarding any outstanding issues.

USCIS noted that applicants who fail to comply with the biometrics collection requirements risk denial of their TPS re-registration and the withdrawal of TPS.

The notices are posted at (Honduras and Nicaragua) and (El Salvador.

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