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USCIS Issues Notice Launching Pilot Test for New Naturalization Exam

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published a notice in the Federal Register confirming its announcement last month that it will be conducting a pilot of a redesigned naturalization test. USCIS plans to revise the naturalization testing process to ensure that the process is uniform; currently, test content varies among USCIS district offices. Based on the evaluation of the pilot, the final test is expected to be implemented nationally beginning in 2008.

USCIS said it plans to retain the current U.S. history and government test format but will replace the “trivia-based content” of the questions with new questions that will test applicants on the fundamentals of American democracy, such as the rule of law, separation of powers, and rights.

The notice, published on December 19, 2006, lists the sites where the pilot test will be conducted beginning in early 2007. The notice is available at

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